On Sunday, November 26, we are hosting this inaugural event which is meant to inspire the community to come together during the holiday season. Food will be provided for all attendees.

Legendsfest will be the 1st event we host to create awareness for the Mike Spiers Foundation and to raise money to support our matching efforts in our Play it Forward campaign. To learn more about play it forward please scroll down on your mobile browser or read throught the information on the right hand column.

In addition to a portion of sales to be donated to our foundation, the proceeds from the raffle will go to the Mike Spiers Foundation to help partnering organizations meet their goals for the upcoming year!

Raffle Items Include:

  • 24 KT Gold Plated Fernando Tatis Sunglasses
  • 24-Hour Polaris Slingshot Rentals
  • TV's
  • Training Programs
  • Cavitation Treatments
  • Apparel
  • Gift Cards
  • Autographed Memorabilia
  • Hittrax Memberships
  • 1st Phorm Nutrition Stacks
  • Normatec Go Compression Boots
  • More to Come!!

Please donate here to receive your raffle tickets!



After a 3 year break from fundraising, we are now hosting a new type of event that will kick off our campaign to help relieve the financial burden of families who are interested interested in pursuing better education and athletic opportunities.

Our newly founded "Play it Forward" campaign option is proving to be an effective form of raising funds. Our fundraising process is simple, but requires some work.

Step 1: Identify and select organizations whose members provide outreach to gather donations to reach the organization's goals (think Blast Athletics or GoFundMe)

Step 2: Estimate a dollar amount that will help meet those goals.

Step 3: The Mike Spiers Foundation will match a percentage of the funds raised.

After months of planning, we are finally ready to get Play it Forward off the ground with organizations who are interested in working as a team to meet their financial needs.