Mike Spiers: The Molder of Men

September 4, 1961 - January 18, 2013

Mike Spiers was born at Camp Kuwae, a military base in Okinawa Japan, to Frank Spiers and Masako Sunagawa. Mike was the oldest of three children, with his younger sister Lisa and brother, Mitch. Mike married Veronica Magdaleno on May 24, 2007, who also passed away in November of 2012. Together they left behind 3 sons - Joe Spiers, Ricardo and Michael Guillen, and a daughter, Jasmine Lopez.

Besides his commitment to God & family, Mike's love for the game of baseball exceeded all else. His playing career led him to play under Coach Rich Emard at Southern California Christian College in Costa Mesa, California. It was there that his coach can recall the time when Mike stole home against eventual MLB Hall of Fame pitcher, Randy Johnson. He was fearless in how he played baseball, and that approach toward the game is exactly the same outlook that he had on everyday life. His work ethic and passion for the game landed him in coaching positions at San Jose State, College of San Mateo, Riverside Community College, Team USA, and eventually his own Southern California based Academy. And it wasn't long before this academy, ABD, became his passion as well. It was with ABD where he touched so many young men's lives. Steve Garvey proclaimed Mike as a "molder of men," where he did not just teach a boy's game, but he taught these boys how to become men.

He was a pioneer in baseball, and the world in this sport will never be the same because of what he contributed to this game. It is because of Mike and his dreams for others that many achieved their dreams and successes.

On January 18, 2013, Mike passed away due to cardiac arrest in his hospital room at Loma Linda University Medical Center.

Baseball is and will continue to be the best game there is because of men like Mike Spiers.