Q: What is one goal you have for yourself in baseball?  
A: My goal in baseball is to make a high school team, Go D1 in college and if I can make it there, my next goal would be to make it to the MLB. 
Q: What do you like to do when you’re not playing baseball? 
A: When I’m not playing baseball I like to watch every Dodgers game, watch baseball videos, play MLB THE SHOW and play wiffle ball with my brother. I also like to cook! 
Q: What’s the dumbest thing you’ve heard from spectators in the stands?
A: I don’t know . I don’t listen to the spectators in the stands. 
Q: What’s the best advice you’ve been given by a coach or mentor?  
A: The best advice I have been given is If you can Hit the ball, hit it. Don't be an umpire. 
Q: What has baseball taught you that you can apply in life outside of athletics? 
A: Baseball has taught me that you win some and you lose some. And If you work hard, hard work will pay off.