Q: What is one goal you have for yourself in baseball?

A: My goal is to continue to get better every time I am on the field. I want to eventually play college baseball at the highest level then work hard after that to achieve my goal of playing professional baseball.

Q: What do you like to do when you are not playing baseball?

A: When I am not playing baseball I like to play other sports like basetball and football for fun. 

Q: What is the dumbest thing you've heard from spectators in the stands?

A: One of the dumbest things I've heard from the stands is when parents argue with the umpires over calls. Especially balls and strikes. This one is the most annoying one to me. 

Q: What is the best advice you've been given by a coach or mentor?

A: I've gotten a lot of good advice from coaches over the years. One of the best things I've gotten from a coach is to work hard everyday and push yourself to your limits. Another one is to play every game to the best of your ability because you never know who is watching. I've stuck with this one because it motivates me to play hard every game and give it everything I got. 

Q: What has baseball taught you that you can apply in life outside of athletics?

A: Baseball has taught me to be a great person outside of baseball. It has taught me to be respectful and respect everyone. It has also taught me to have strong mental health.