CBA Awards Nominees 2016

During the dinner at the 1st Annual Mike Spiers Foundation Golf Tournament at San Dimas Canyon Golf Course, we will also be hosting CBA's 1st Annual Player Awards Show and presenting a $2500 Scholarship Award to one 2016 CBA Grad. For 2017, our goal is to increase our scholarship fund to $15,000.

Click here for more information on the 1st Annual Mike Spiers Foundation Golf Tournament.

2016 Grad $2500 Scholarship Candidates

CBA SD: Peyton Murasky
CBA IE/OC: Michael Lee
CBA LA: Josh Arkin, Dejuan Johnson
CBA Texas: Colston Harris
CBA Awards Nominees for 2016
As voted on by the coaches and staff from the various regions in the CBA Baseball program, below are the nominees and candidates to receive awards in the following categories:

  • MVP Award: Exemplifies the most consistent performance and success over the past year.
  • Hustle Award: Exemplifies unmatched effort and selflessness to achieve team goals
  • Most Improved Player Award: Exemplifies top notch work-ethic which leads to great development strides
In future years, we hope to be able to offer awards in the following categories:

  • Scholar-Athlete Awards: For the High School program, one player program-wide represents the epitome of what it means to be a "student-athlete"
  • Humanitarian Awards: For the Youth/High School program, one player program-wide exemplifies the willingness to give back either to the community or through charity
  • Coaches' Awards: For the Youth Program, one player program-wide possesses the x-factor (attitude, personality, passion) can help the team have success just by their presence.
2016 Grad Award Nominees
CBA San Diego
  • MVP: Cole Henderson
  • Hustle Award: Cyrus Fullen
  • Most Improved Player: Peyton Murasky
  • MVP: Dom Fletcher, Cameron Jabara
  • Hustle Award: Josh Stephen, Brian Martin
  • Most Improved Player: Cheyenne Lopez
  • MVP: Ryan Garcia, Aaron Greenfield, Blake Rutherford
  • Hustle Award: Jamal Evans, Stephen Kish
  • Most Improved Player: Josh Arkin, Dejuan Johnson, Chris Takayoshi
CBA Southwest Riverside County
  • MVP: RJ Martinez
  • Hustle Award: Matt Kerr
  • Most Improved Player: Nick Brock
CBA Texas
  • MVP: Micah Lloyd
  • Hustle Award: Anthony Ramirez
  • Most Improved Player: Blake Foster
2017 Grad Award Nominees
CBA San Diego
  • MVP: Nick Allen, Tyler Hawke
  • Hustle Award: Matt Staker
  • Most Improved Player: Matt Andronovich, Tyler Hawke
  • MVP: Tyler Freeman, Hayden Pearce
  • Hustle Award: Tyler Freeman, Kenny Oyama, Chris Jimenez, Joe Rodriguez
  • Most Improved Player: Adam Seminaris, Daniel Rios, Jonathan Rodriguez, Cody Schowen
  • MVP: Johnny Kuhn, Isaiah Paige
  • Hustle Award: Justin Morris
  • Most Improved Player: Gary McCoy
CBA Southwest Riverside County
  • MVP: Tyler Hardman
  • Hustle Award: Joey Hodapp
  • Most Improved Player: Kevin Wiseman
CBA Texas
  • MVP: Nicholas Johnson
  • Hustle Award: Trevor Sessions
  • Most Improved Player: JJ Zayas
CBA Vegas
  • MVP: Donta Williams, Joe Fitzhugh
  • Hustle Award: Jaxon Hammond
  • Most Improved Player: Jordan Eldred, Noah Hemphill
2018 Grad Award Nominees
CBA San Diego
  • MVP: Sterling Hayes, Randy Abshier
  • Hustle Award: Mikey Paredes
  • Most Improved Player: Matt Brumbaugh
  • MVP: Chandler Champlain, Clay Owens, Diego Barrera
  • Hustle Award: Kyle Velazquez, Hunter Antillon, Ethan Patrick
  • Most Improved Player: Ethan Lu, Zach Kirby, William Renteria
  • MVP: Aaron Eden, Ryan Gervais
  • Hustle Award: Ethan Patrick, James Gaines, Tristan Thomas
  • Most Improved Player: Aaron Eden, Shane Salzman
CBA Southwest Riverside County
  • MVP: Niko Diaz
  • Hustle Award: Hayden Faunce
  • Most Improved Player: Chris Salazar 
CBA Texas
  • MVP: Bryce Whitely
  • Hustle Award: Sergio Depaoli
  • Most Improved Player: Derek Gifford
CBA Vegas
  • MVP: Joey Calvert
  • Hustle Award: Alex Bueno
  • Most Improved Player: Kyle Hall
Out of Area Candidates
  • Hustle Award: Keagan Bagley (MN)
2019 Grad Award Nominees
CBA San Diego
  • MVP: Michael Campagna 
  • Hustle Award: Josh Paino
  • Most Improved Player: Austin Hutchison
  • MVP: Gabe Briones, Joe Naranjo, Dylan Cook, Jasiah Dixon
  • Hustle Award: Ryan Lamastra, Cody Freeman, Tyler Falwell, Jordan Sprinkle, Patrick Crook
  • Most Improved Player: Danny Ramirez, Preston Kelly, Matt Mattingly, Wyatt Duncan
  • MVP: Javy Espinoza, Joey Phelps,
  • Hustle Award: Javy Espinoza, Atlee Tomososki 
  • Most Improved Player: Obey Banks, EJ Gomez, Cole Adams, Christian Bodlovich

CBA Texas
  • MVP: Chandler Freeman
  • Hustle Award: Tristan Garcia, Hunter Winchester
  • Most Improved Player: Chance Roberts
CBA Vegas
  • MVP: Kaeden Camat-Toki, Tyler Black
  • Hustle Award: Tyler Knight, Cameron Mercurio
  • Most Improved Player: Jayden Matos
Out of Area Candidates
  • MVP: Kayler Yates (UT)
13u/14u Award Nominees

CBA San Diego
  • MVP: Kevin Sim
  • Hustle Award: Brody Schicker
  • Most Improved Player: Andrew Goodridge
  • MVP: Yzek Sanchez, Pollo Flores, Isaiah Cortez
  • Hustle Award: Pee Wee Aldaz
  • Most Improved Player: Alex Rodriguez, Ryan Lu
  • MVP: Brandon Madrigal, Erik Gonzalez
  • Hustle Award: Nico Briones, Matt Chavez, Andres Lopez, Alexi Colotl, Christian Navarro
  • Most Improved Player: Nomar Briones, Sergio Alvarez
CBA Texas
  • MVP: Grayson Hawley
  • Hustle Award: Parker Pittman
  • Most Improved Player: Tymon Livas
CBA Vegas
  • MVP: Yankiel Gonzalez
  • Hustle Award: Nate Elliot
  • Most Improved Player: Nathan Shropshire, Jareyn Yamaguchi
Out of Area Candidates
  • MVP: Zain Zinicola (CO)
11u/12u Award Nominees

  • Hustle Award: Ivan Rodriguez, Angel Alamilla, Ryker Sullivan
  • Most Improved Player: Riley Hunsaker, Matt Magill
  • Hustle Award: Sam Reyes, David Guerra, Matt Acosta
  • Most Improved Player: Jason Vargas, Andrew Vazquez
CBA Texas
  • Hustle Award: Michael Dattalo, Ryan Wehe
  • Most Improved Player: DJ Catalano, Noah Johnson
CBA Vegas
  • Hustle Award: Ashton Lee, Justin Anderson, Mickey Martinez
  • Most Improved Player: Cody Carlson, Brayden Bond
9u/10u Award Nominees
  • Hustle Award: Wyatt Hanoian, Cooper Suess, Robert Marquez, 
  • Most Improved Player: Ezra Sanchez
  • Hustle Award: Izzy Espinoza, Matt Acosta
  • Most Improved Player: Diego Briones
CBA Vegas
  • Hustle Award: Jordan Almendarez Hudson Ayon, Jayce DeSantis, Luca Candella
  • Most Improved Player: Conner Goldberg, Devin Cook,  Kolton Sagers, Angel Rosalez

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