Mike Spiers Foundation Scholarship Fund

We'd like to take the time to thank each of you for your support of the Mike Spiers Foundation over the past 4 years!

Last June, we were able to provide 1 graduating senior with a $2500 scholarship! In 2017, we are excited to be able to provide 5 scholarships to prospective student athletes who will be attending colleges this fall!

The MSF is now accepting applications from all student-athletes who graduate this spring who look to be a potential candidate to receive a scholarship in June! All must apply by May 1.

Thank you,

The Mike Spiers Foundation

MSF Scholarship Application Process

1. Have a website member profile created. You can do so here: www.mikespiers.org/main/authorization/signUp?

2. Each candidate must have signed a National Letter of Intent to participate as a student-athlete at any 4-year university.

3. To qualify, the candidate must have received less than 35% percent of tuition, books, room and board in any combined academic/athletic scholarships and government awarded financial aid. 

4. To be a candidate for a 2017 scholarship, you will need to submit a 1000-word essay on the following topic:

  • How does the entitlement of youth athletes affect the team as a whole?What are key factors that contribute to the sense of entitlement amongst these athletes?
  • The essay must be submitted via the website in the form of a "blog," which can be done by clicking on the tab at the top of the page. 

5. Candidates Must be present at the dinner banquet in the spring 2017 to be awarded the MSF Scholarship.

For more information, please email info@mikespiersfoundation.org